The Salesian  Cooperator Don Bosco Takeo (SCDBT) is a non-governmental

organisation in Preypnhny Village, Takeo Province, Cambodia.  that was founded in June 2003 to develop programs and provide support for orphans and indigent children in Cambodia. SCCDBT is a nonpolitical organization and we do not discriminate against any race, religion or political affiliation.

Since its creation thanks to the generosity of local donors in Takeo Province and Phnom Penh, it has assisted over 160 indigent families, providing emergency relief to those in Prey Kabas Commune, Takeo Province. In addition to continuing to provide emergency relief, it created programs that focus on education for orphans and indigent children. The Don Bosco in Takeo Literacy Center is about Non-Formal Education Programs.

The objective is to reduce illiteracy by providing opportunities to orphaned and poor children, who would not otherwise attend school. It constructed a basic school in Prey Phny Village, Prey Kabas Commune, teaching English and Khmer, Computer and Internet (Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


We believe that offering any sort of education and training to orphans and poor children, will get a good impact in the reduction of poverty in Cambodia. In this sense, we want to be a model for similar experiences in different places of the country, especially rural and poor communities.


To save orphans and poor children in Cambodia by opening to them the gates of education in a way they can seen a better future for themselves and their families, especially supporting their talents, initiatives, creativity and their ideals for a better country.


  • To improve the future of orphans and poor children.
  • To provide educational training.
  • To get orphans and poor children to have the save opportunities to study as others.
  • To help them to develop their best talents to put them at the service of the development of their own nation.
  • To rout out child labor and child exploitation in the country


  • Reach the poorest children in the Takeo Province with the assistance of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund, so they can obtain educational training and academic support for their regular schooling.
  • To assist orphans and poor families  with a feeding program and medical attention in a way that they can send their children to school and improve their standard of life..

How to help

Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia is an organization of donors, volunteers, educators, students and friends in a joint effort to fight poverty in Cambodia through education. Welcome to support this mission.

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Make a change: give possibilities for a kid or a young to open the doors of a better future. Help with a scholarship, fund a project or donate educative material. You can sponsor a kid of the Don Bosco Children Fund. Get in contact right now.

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Could you support us to build a school for children from rural areas in Cambodia? Are you able to donate solar panels or water systems for children of impoverished villages? Contact DBFC and help us to help.

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You are welcome to visit our educative projects in order to understand our methods of education and our vision of how we think development should be led in Cambodia.